On the town with Terry

On the town with Terry

For years, my friend Terry and I have been thinking about a day in New York together. With that, my belated birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to get in the car and get going. After some planning on my part, this is how the day the ended up.

Of course we started the day at exhale — one of my homes away from home. Since 2005, this has been the place I have been taking my classes at. This is the place that made a major impact on my life. 

IMG 2366


The class was taught by one of my favorite teachers — Tyler. I have been talking his classes and workshops religiously since I first met him. But this is a whole another story. When I meet someone who truly loves and tries to understands the concept of barre, I try to bring them to Tyler’s class. Terry loved Tyler and his way of teaching  so much that now I’m afraid I’ll never see her again at my studio.

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After the class, a walk through the Central Park seemed like a perfect thing to do. The day was absolutely beautiful and we slowed down by Alice — to rub some brass.

IMG 2373


And there was also time to check out Bethesda Fountain. Surprisingly, it was not crowded even though the weather was perfect for a boat ride on the lake.

IMG 2375


All that Central Park wandering made us hot and thirsty. We got tickets for our next event and settled in at Indie, one of the Lincoln Center places overlooking Julliard, for a glass of wine.

IMG 2379


With my love of French cinema and Claire Denis, I could not miss this one and dragged Terry to watch it with me. Not sure she loved Let the Sunshine in as much as I did  but she did not complain — just laughed off our differences.

IMG 2382


Neither of us had anything to eat since we got up in the morning, so by the end of the movie, we were ready for some Italian fare. Tom found Polpette a year ago. We so loved their outdoor courtyard — secluded and quiet in the middle of a noisy Upper West Side. Here’s Terry — always with her granddaughter’s picture on her phone making sure they are having a good time together. But isn’t that place lovely? 

IMG 2392


Instead of ordering a meal, we split a bunch of appetizers. Terry, with her Italian heritage, absolutely approved of these meatballs. She said they reminded her of those her grandmother used to make. It says a lot coming from an Italian — they are very particular about their meatballs.

IMG 2395


Apparently, both of us share a thing for escarole. Obviously, this one was a must and it did not disappoint.

IMG 2397



And those muscles in white wine were garlicky-y-y-y! But we did not mind and actually loved it!

IMG 2396


We were planning just on a broccoli rabe with some Italian sausage, but missed it on the menu that they were sliders. Instead of sending them back, we said: bring them on! And we weren’t wrong. I helped here a lot — Terry started slacking at this point.

IMG 2403



Shrimp and mushrooms was our desert to round out a perfect meal and we were ready to move on. The night was still young.

IMG 2405


That kind of a meal called for a good walk. Terry and I decided to go along Hudson to our next destination. We got to the river at high 60’s and our point of interest was at 48th and 11th. It started drizzling but we couldn’t care less about such little things. We kept going. At some point, Terry had to stop for another drink. Oh, Terry!

IMG 2407


Our final destination was one of the best Manhattan rooftop bars, The Press Lounge.The place was packed with millennials but the weather gave us the upper hand. It was raining. Not raining too much to make you feel cold and uncomfortable but enough to ruin your hair and makeup. Perfectly coifed youth were huddling under the plastic tent, so Terry and I got the whole Manhattan rooftop for ourselves. That gorgeous view is at the top of the post.

IMG 2412


And by the way, we walked more than eight miles that day. 

5 thoughts on “On the town with Terry”

  • I loved our day in the city! I enjoyed barre class very much and would do it again! Walking through Central Park was the best! Everything was starting to bloom and it felt like being on vacation in a far away place! Dinner was delicious and you would never know you where dining in the middle of NYC! I don’t know if it was the movie or all that walking but I nearly dozed off a few times during it! Our drinks at Press Lounge was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

    • It was such a great day. Good company, good weather, good food, lots of moving. Please notice, I was not having a heart attack that day — bonus! Must have been the birthday effect. Let’s do it again!

  • I loved hearing about your day as well as seeing the pictures to illustrate as you went along/ I felt like I was there with you! You inspire me not just to continue with the best barre class in the world/ YOURS!/but to get onto nyc more and take advantage of all it has to offer. Thanks for the enjoyable read Julia- I adore you and all you have to offer the world!!!

    • Oh, Winter, you’re too kind! I do miss writing and this is my way to get back to it. Gotta start somewhere, right? Thank you for your interest and encouragement.

      • What a great day that was! Let’s do it again soon! Enjoyed the beautiful weather, the wine, the food, all the walking through the city and Central Park, the drinks later that evening at the Press Lounge! The movie, so-so! But enjoyed the company!

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