The Lomo Truck in Paterson

The Lomo Truck in Paterson

My romance with Peruvian food continues. Since I discovered it last fall, I cannot get enough of the ceviches. A while ago, Tom sent me a link to Remezcla, a site geared to Latino Millennials and their story on five best Peruvian restaurants in Paterson, NJ. The first one on the list was The Lomo Truck .


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The truck has such a solid constantly updated social media presence that finding it is a breeze. According to their Instagram, The Truck has a few basic locations in Paterson they rotate:

— 270 Getty Avenue

— 188 Getty Avenue

— 125 Broadway

— 273 Crooks Avenue



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Their menu is on the side of the truck. And there’s an American twist on traditional Peruvian fare —wraps and sandwiches. Why not? Besides, reasonable prices for the exceptional quality they deliver. They really do care.



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It can be intimidating for an older person from a different culture to approach two Millennials on their own turf. But they really made me feel like family. They offered me a chair — do not remember when that happened last. Yes, I am older now. And that respect to senior ones in Latino culture makes me want to be Latino — it does not humiliate, it puts you on a pedestal. That’s how Cesar and Victor made me feel.




IMG 5430

I got a bonus cookie from this jar — a pretty amazing caramel in between shortbreads. Usually I pass on dessert — it leaves me cold. This one I had to have. Oh, the caramel!



IMG 5432

But the ceviche! I cleaned it up before starting the car. Can’t wait to get Tom to meet these guys!



IMG 5616

Later, I brought my husband for Salchipapa Con Todo…



IMG 5618

…and Lomo—Chaufa combo. The guys know what they are doing.

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  • This ceviche reminds me of my native country as well! Ecuador! We toast the maíz so it has a crunch to it. Cheers to your excellent choice and Joie de vivre et cuisine mon ami!!!

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