Entwine in Meatpacking

Entwine in Meatpacking

The sign was the draw  — patio is open. We were looking for something outdoor with a nice selection of small plates to share. And honestly, it was Valera — the host — who made me to actually check out the menu. Never looking like a valued customer in my after-the-workout attire, I was pulled in with his “Hey, come on in” attitude. After all the places we dissed on our walk through the Meatpacking District — too crowded, too loud, too dark, too inside, too on the street, too stiff, too long of a wait — Tom didn’t even bother to go in. These days, when the time is ticking faster and faster, the ambience begins to matter to us as much as the food. Well, this place turned out to be amazing!

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The place is intriguing in terms of a set up: you walk into a tiny space with a few spots at the bar, but then, there is a larger room in the back with more tables. And there is an outdoor patio in a little courtyard. And a large room downstairs that can be used for private parties. And the menu. It is not overwhelming but it is to the point. Cocktails. I am not a cocktail person when dining out — most of it is sugary water to me. Here, they do not skimp on alcohol and do not trash you with sugar. Pineapple Thief had jalapeño shining through and through for real. Although being a bit too flowery, Doctor Zhivago surprised with the citrus bite.

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And the food… The patē was sublime. A bit too creamy for my taste but when it comes to patē there are so many variations and they are all good and all have their time.

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Tuna tartar was our next choice. Cucumbers, avocados make it all come together. The bread, though!!!

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We were finishing with sliders. Those sliders turned out to be not sliders — I’d say burgers. Not an overwhelming bread and cooked to perfection patty so juicy that you slurp between the bites not to lose the juice.

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And the ambience! Can’t wait to go there again!

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